Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Presentation from PACLUG

Hi to everyone who attended my PACLUG presentation on "Sametime for Administrators" - as promised, here is the updated presentation.
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Follow up to last blog

So now finally, I can post my findings on what I posted back in April.
The question was where do we get the Sametime community server from? It used to be in the Location document in the client but with the new embedded client, it's now in an XML file (community-config.xml) here:
There is actually a lot of information in this file and it seems to come from the plugin_configuration.ini file (PC.ini) (on first install) and from the managed-settings.xml (which can be called something else - it is referenced from either the PC.ini or from the Sametime Policy for that user.
So that's where it IS now... and for a new install it comes from the PC.ini file, but what if you're upgrading?
Well, for the embedded client it can be pushed using a Domino Policy i.e.

  This is where the Sametime chat server is configured and has been for sometime... but wait, there is another place where it can be set:

and this seems to be for the older "basic" clients (pre-eclipse and non-eclipse V8+) in the first part and for Standard clients in the second..... so how do all these play together?

It seems that the first screen was used first... and then as the product developed, the second screen came in to be for the new Eclipse-based  Sametime client..... and now we have the Plugin_customization.ini file for the current embedded client in Notes.

With V8.5.1.1, I have been told that the client now reads the PC.ini file every time it is started, so in order to push the server down, you need to set it in the PC.ini file with the line:

In my last customer deployment we had ONE community server and for safety's sake, we had it in every place it could be just to make sure that it was being set.