Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Buddy List Migrator tool

Buddy List Migration

So last year I was at a customer who wanted to move their buddy lists from one Instant Messaging platform to another because they were migrating platforms. We devised an intricate way to move buddy lists but at that time I recognized a need for a tool that could simply move IM buddy lists from one platform to another.
Now, with the advent of the Cloud services, the requirement becomes even more important because if you move to the IBM Collaboration Cloud, there is no way to maintain your buddy list from your on-premise Sametime environment. At least, no way until now....

Introducing the IMCollaboration Buddy List Migrator tool: Buddy List Migrator

The tool can move buddy lists from both on-premise Sametime and Lync to the IBM Collaboration Cloud. Future versions will be able to move from and to other IM systems - please let me know if you have any additional requirements or if you want a demo....