Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things discussed at Lotusphere BoF session

There were a number of things discussed in out BoF session at Lotusphere that I would like to address in this blog:
  • HTTPS access to the meeting server - how to set this up (watch this blog space)
  • Red Book on Sametime deployment - only available online at present
    LINK: Sametime 8.5 Enterprise Scale Deployment
  • Can we get a VMWare image with everything loaded on it? (Andy Higgins will investigate)
  • Multi-tenancy Sametime install (Frank Altenburg to report on this option)
  • Setting configuration options as "grayed-out" options i.e. non-changeable. This is done through plugin_customization.ini and Frank Altenburg was going to address these.


  1. Hi Andy
    I was looking forward to you setting up the Blog.

    Have a nice day

  2. No problem Bjarne - I was on vacation skiing the week after Lotusphere so this week is my "Lotusphere follow-up" week :-)

  3. Thanks Andy! I look forward to collaborating with everyone!

    -Tim E. Brown