Friday, March 4, 2011

Rolling out users onto Sametime 8.5.x

It seems to me that there are serious issues with rolling out the newer version of the Sametime clients which are required to work with the new Sametime 8.5.x infrastructure. Apart from interoperability issues with older clients accessing the new servers (something we have been "spoiled" by having in past releases) it seems to me that there are no fixed methodologies laid out by IBM for client deployment. Specifically:
  • How to update Sametime preferences on the client automatically
  • What's the difference between updating the Embedded client preferences and the Stand-alone client preferences?
  • How do we keep tabs on all the different ways our clients are configured - we have policies (both Notes and Sametime), client settings, plugin_customization.ini files, Notes.ini files, to name but a few. It's all becoming way to complex.
What I'd like to see is some sort of management utility that could tie all this together.....

I am currently experiencing pain with a customer roll-out, so I am both learning and open to anyone who might be able to help :-)

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  1. Andy,

    For some of the client side settings, we have just had to bite the bullet and modify some of the settings to the .xml files via mail file post open script. This works for us because we only support the UIM embedded client.

    Yeah, IBM needs to really fix this :(

    Tim E. Brown