Monday, February 27, 2012

Great link for information on Sametime

I have decided to start blogging a little more now after a recent hiatus caused by too much work :-).
I came across the following link on Instant-Tech's blog which has lots of great Sametime information:

I also saw another blog which details a lot of the information about managing client settings that I had blogged about, so I wanted to tie the two together - check out this link:


  1. Good stuff. I still can't believe that IBM has notting about the hidden STRunTimeDebug Tool that many don't know about, that comes with the server now with Sametime 8.5.x community\classic meeting servers. Not stdebugtool.exe, but the jar file

  2. Right Tim - I just found out about that myself the other day when IBM was debugging something for me on one of our servers....